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Hans Elzinga en Lucy Steymel 1982 - Live in Knillispoort Den Bosch - Warm and Windy _ You're so sweet
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Song of the month - November 2019
You'te so sweet and instrumental Warm and Windy


Song of the Month November, are actually 2 songs.
They were played at a Live gig in Den Bosch, The Netherlands at the Folk Club Knillispoort, the date 04-04-1982.
Lucy played there with the company of Hans Elzinga.
The played together, solo and supporting.

Here , we hear a track by Hans Elzinga, the Instrumental Windy and Warm.
Lucy performs You're so sweet. A very happy tune.

Hans and Lucy played together in 1981 and 1982.

Hans Elzinga is still active in the music scene. He played in bands like: The Bluegrass clodhoppers, The magnificent Opalino's, Conjunto Yaravì, Ekeko, Zumbayllu, Caribean one man band elZina, Paratata, Lumayna.

Solo he perform with a loopstation, which makes it possible to acompany his self and being his own support with flute and guitar or mandolin.
Recently he often plays with Parsley. (Medieval folk trio with Harp, Flute and guitar)

The Tenth of November 2019 Hans presents his latest album called Introspectief (Introspective) in the venue De Leidse Lente , address Haagweg 4, in Leiden.
The album is recorded in The Dearworld studio of Fieke van den Hurk.
Fieke is a real authority in recording acoustic and very special music instruments.
It explains the sparkling bright sound.

18-12-2019 Hans Elzinga performs in The Oosterpoort in Groningen.

More about Hans Elzinga:

Song of the month - October 2019
Nights without you


Nights without you can be found on the third album of Lucy, titeld  Three's a charm  (1982) . Produced by Pim koopman. (Known as drummer Kayak)
Written by Lucy and Roland De Leeuw.

.On Harmonica : Toots Thielemans, Backing vocals: Jose Hoebee

Rob de Nijs recorded it for his album "Stranger in your land " in 1990.
And again in 1989 for the album "De Reiziger" (The Traveller) with different lyrics from Belinda Meuldijk with title "Meisje van mij". (Girl of mine)


LS met Hans Elzinga op kade bij water in
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